Asaba, Nigeria


Sister City of Stockton, California 

The City of Asaba, the capital of the oil rich Delta State of Nigeria is strategically located on a hill at the western  edge of the majestic River Niger.


The historic River Niger is our Trans-African link beginning in the mountians of West Africa, through the Sahel and down into the Atlantic Ocean, Lagos remains a growing jewel on the Nigerian scene.



Asaba forms a connector between western, eastern and northern Nigeria through the River Niger from the north and via the Asaba Niger Bridge, an east west link and historic Nigerian transportation landmark.


Asaba lies approximately 6 degrees north of  the equator and about the same distance east of the meridian; about 100 miles north of where the River Niger flows into the  Atlantic Ocean.


The greater Asaba occupies an area of about 300 square kilometres. It maintains an average tropical temperature  of 90 degrees during the dry season and an average fertile rainfall of 6 inches during the rainy season.


Igbo is the native language in Asaba and neighbouring towns.


Since becoming the Delta State capital, Asaba has grown in population to over half a million very hospitable people and maintains a cosmopolitan international population. 


Asaba As The First Capital


When there was no country called Nigeria, Asaba was the civil headquarters of the territory ruled by the Royal Niger Company. 


This British chartered company controlled the Southern territories of Nigeria after receiving the grant on the 10th July 1886.


According to the respected erudite Nigerian legal authority Elias T.S. Oluwole, in the "Makers of the Nigerian Law," 1963,  Elias revealed that the Chief Justice of the new administration was Sir, James Marshall and the headquarters was at Asaba.


Furthermore, Gils Geography in use up to 1912 clearly stated that Asaba was the capital of Southern Nigeria. Dennis Osadebay  and numerous other authorities sustain our thesis on the status of Asaba before and after independence leading to the period that  saw the scrambling of the Nigerian federation.


Stockton, California and Asaba, Nigeria are sister cities and share a past, present and future, together.

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